Friday, August 25, 2006


VJTI Robotics was one the many things I started admiring at IIT Bombay. Technovanza - a techfest kind of thing of VJTI. No sooner did it was announced, the (Technic)seniors started pumping ENTHU. After certain amount of hardwork, aquiring GYAN from seniors and sleepless nights, other people of my wing geared up for the event with their machines complete. Coming to our group, we had sleepless nights too...but for discussion and arguement. Somehow, we managed to complete our AERORAIL and I was chosen to represnt our team(as I was ever-ready to bunk the classes on that day).

The journey

I started off for the technovanza arena with few of my wingmates and a senior to escort us. Of all things under the sun, we had to travel by the local train.I got in. You know? it is very easy to board the local trains in mumbai...just stand near the entrance,scratch your head and wait...the crowd rushes in and carries you in that process. The same method can be applied to come out. Inspite of the heavy rush, I was told that we were lucky as the train was somewhat KHAALI. Finally, we got down( infact, I was carried out by the crowd) and reached the arena.

The arena

The hall was not fully packed. The participants were busy checking,re-checking their machines. Some were still wondering about the thing I carried in my arms- THE AERORAIL.

To be continued…