Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Fake perfectionism

It's a fairly known fact that reading too much of webMD could lead to cancer. But yesterday it gave me something called OCPD - Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder. I was totally convinced it was OCPD until my flatmate came up with a different theory - that I was a perfectionist.

Of course I was a perfectionist! How did I not know that?

  • I always make it a point to cut a hexagonal cake into perfect equilateral triangular pieces of 6 or 24
  • I keep formatting my code for proper indentation and could never work with Netbeans or Eclipse because they "look" imperfect
  • I always type words like jQuery and ZopNow with correct capitalisations
  • I feel uncomfortable when confronted with situations where objects are misaligned. To understand this, go to Tea Trails in Koramangala and have a look at the wall frames
  • I get pissed off when someone re-adjusts my "perfect" office chair height. (In case you are that person and reading this, I don't know who you are and I don't know what you want. But if you touch that chair again, I'll look for you. I'll find you, and I will ...)
  • I wrote posts in 2010 and 2014 just so that the links in sidebar look complete. As a matter of fact I wrote that 2010 post in the second week of 2011 and later changed the date to 31st December, 11:59 PM!
  • When I read Ramayan, I wondered how Ravan's heads were arranged and cringed when I saw Ravan with asymmetric 10 heads in a telugu movie. (I respect Ramanand Sagar for not doing that in his serial)
  • And the fact that I bought IAWriter to write all this

Yay! That makes me a perfectionist.


  • I can never choose a "perfect" pant-shirt combination or shoes. I just wear whatever is easily found
  • My room is a mess. That's second law of thermodynamics you might say. Well, I have some more points
  • I'm chronically late to office
  • I never topped in Engineering. Heck, I didn't even finish it
  • Most of the tasks in my todo list are incomplete and all my Post-it notes have become postpone-its
  • There are no more blog posts after 2014 and writing this might make the sidebar look inconsistent but screw it, I don't want to care anymore.

That makes me a fake perfectionist, you know? Like those non-vegetarians who eat only veg on Tuesdays. Or may be I'm just fooling people into thinking that I'm a perfectionist. BTW, an article on mentalfloss talks about something that sounds very similar.

Hold on! I have Imposter Syndrome now? I think I should just stop reading articles on the web and talk to my flatmate instead.