Sunday, March 1, 2009

A comic is worth thousand words.

Everyone loves comics. I love them too. As a kid, I always loved Tinkle, tintin, Chacha chaudary, Nagraj, (and few others from RAJ and Diamond comics).

Years rolled by and my taste also changed. Now I like XKCD and AbstruseGoose. Both are aimed at geeks and are about programming, physics, math and some geeky stuff. Check them out.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Most of the companies have realized this recently and now they have blogs with comic strips instead of boring text bragging about their product. Google, as always, is the first one to use comic strips for promotion of their product - Chrome. Another such company is CollCraft. They are planning to launch their product - uhuroo in a short while. They publish wonderful comic strips about enterprise software, in their comic blog - uwoes. Webcredible uses comic strips, instead of boring articles on user experience.
Just imagine how it would be if our academic material were presented as comics. As for me, I promise, I would never leave any chapter unread. Cuz a comic is worth thousand words and everybody loves comics.