Wednesday, May 27, 2009

7 random things about me

I haven't been tagged by anyone for the "7 random things about me" meme. So I take the opportunity to start a meme myself.


A blog meme is a memesomething that requires active participation by the blogger and (rarely) traces back to an originating source. It is a question that a blogger answers to share some personal perspective or experience on random topics.

the rules

  • Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post.
  • Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
  • Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they have been tagged.

7 things

  1. When I was young, I wanted to become an astronaut.
  2. I haven't seen the movie - Forest gump yet.
  3. Once I fell in love with a cartoon character - jasmine, of Disney's Aladdin. She is still my crush ;)
  4. I need food, water, air, sleep and a computer to survive
  5. I've been awarded all the grades available except AA and AP. (yes! XX, II ,FR, FF … everything!)
  6. I can write in reverse order (mirror writing) with the same speed as I write normally.
  7. I hate JOOMLA (a Content Management System), Mallika Sherawat (who, by coincidence, shares by birthday) and CH101 (I still have an active backlog in it!)

7 people I tag

  1. g2 - coz I simply love his humorous posts
  2. vivek - coz he loves writing absolute random stuff
  3. artagon - coz I wonder what his 7 things would be
  4. pramod - coz he hasn't posted anything since a month
  5. zubin - coz he compiled a long todo list
  6. ravali - coz she has already posted 101+ things about her and I wonder which 7 will she choose.
  7. manku - coz he remains a stupid!

PS: @ the above 7 people. Post a comment here once you are done with your 7 things.

Monday, May 25, 2009

blogger navbar hack explained

Many people use blogger to power their blogs and find the navbar at the top very annoying. Some of them came up with some nice tricks to hide/remove the same. In this article, I'll be explaining how the trick works.

#navbar-iframe{ display:none !important;}

you might have come across this code in many articles. Well... this is how it works.

blogger adds the following code to your blog.

 [iframe src="..." id="" navbar-iframe ...][/iframe]

If you observe carefully, this 'iframe' tag has an ID attribute set to "navbar-iframe". Inorder to hide it we set the CSS rule "#navbar-iframe{ display:none;}" which tells the browser that the element with the ID attribute "navbar-iframe" should not be displayed. However, Blogger adds the following CSS automatically


And since this CSS rule comes after the one which we applied, the latter has more preference and our rule doesn't get applied. This is because of the CASCADING property of CSS. Inorder to override this, we have an "!important" declaration. A rule that has the "!important" property will always be applied no matter where that rule appears in the CSS document. So if you wanted to make sure that a property always applied, you would add the !important property to the tag. So we apply this "!important" property to our style:

#navbar-iframe{ display:none !important;}

Now, display of the tag with id attribute "#navbar-iframe" is set to "none" which tells the browser not to display the same. Hence, the navbar gets hidden.

The same thing can be achieved using javascript too.


This method has been used in

PS: Few other CSS rules that work are:


Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today I got addicted to the new trending topic in twitter - #twitterfims Here are some of the best tweets I came across while madly adding few of my tweets too.

  • Kyonki tweet bhi kabhi blog tha - @vivekk
  • 140 ki last local - @rkavan
  • kabhi tweet kabhi retweet
  • 140 akshar prem ke - @me :)
  • The retweet of extraordinary tweets - @me :)
  • Twitterers of Carebbean : the dead man's tweet
  • tweeting tiger … retweeting dragon
  • saving private tweet
  • tweets and the DMs

… and there are many many more sprouting up.