Thursday, August 31, 2006

How to remove Blogger Beta Navbar

I never happened to like the Blogger Navbar at the top of my Blog and I bet all the Bloggers have the same opinion.

Ok... lets waste no more time and get into our work. Lets learn HOW TO REMOVE BLOGGER BETA NAVBAR

  • First, login into your blogger (beta) account and click Template.
  • Now, click on Edit HTML. Wait... look at the code and go to line which says

    /* global
    ----------------------------------------------- */

    Infact, you can add the code anywhere in the stylesheet but I recommend you to do as I said so that you don't screw up the layout.
  • Now add this style anywhere in the stylesheet
    /* Apnerve trick
    more info @:
    ----------------------------------------------- */
    display:none !important

  • Save the changes and have a look at your new Blog. You'll find that the Navbar has disappeared

Update:Now there is no need to edit the HTML template as a widget is available to hide the navbar. Check out my latest post "hide navbar widget" for that

Friday, August 25, 2006

Technovanza (...continued)

People started wondering about the machine I was holding and I had to convince them that it was an AERORAIL. Two wheels, two motors, two castor wheels, two groove wheels and some bolts, nuts, wires, switch, soap box... piece of ply wood and a pipe. All these things made our machine a bit more bulkier and the poor thing couldn't get more than 12 volts supply from the eliminator we borrowed from Nithin nitin and Aniket (As a matter of fact they won the third prize in the contest) to move faster. The contest started. Our turn came. I mounted the machine...switched it on. Voila! it covered the track in 3.3 seconds. We were in the second position till that point of time. the second round we screwed it up. How? C'mon guess it and answer using the post comment link.


VJTI Robotics was one the many things I started admiring at IIT Bombay. Technovanza - a techfest kind of thing of VJTI. No sooner did it was announced, the (Technic)seniors started pumping ENTHU. After certain amount of hardwork, aquiring GYAN from seniors and sleepless nights, other people of my wing geared up for the event with their machines complete. Coming to our group, we had sleepless nights too...but for discussion and arguement. Somehow, we managed to complete our AERORAIL and I was chosen to represnt our team(as I was ever-ready to bunk the classes on that day).

The journey

I started off for the technovanza arena with few of my wingmates and a senior to escort us. Of all things under the sun, we had to travel by the local train.I got in. You know? it is very easy to board the local trains in mumbai...just stand near the entrance,scratch your head and wait...the crowd rushes in and carries you in that process. The same method can be applied to come out. Inspite of the heavy rush, I was told that we were lucky as the train was somewhat KHAALI. Finally, we got down( infact, I was carried out by the crowd) and reached the arena.

The arena

The hall was not fully packed. The participants were busy checking,re-checking their machines. Some were still wondering about the thing I carried in my arms- THE AERORAIL.

To be continued…

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Water fight

water, water, every where, and all our rooms did stink; Water, water, everywhere, nor any guy to sprink(le)

I don't know who started it but within few minutes, whole freshie block got involved in this fight. These things, fights I mean, are some of the most common things that happen here at IIT Bombay. The tradition passes on from batch to batch through the ORIENTation sessions. No sooner did we had our Hostel and Sports orientation, we got into action!

Knock..knock...Who's there?? No one....Woosh! hey he's the guy from our very own block...2nd floor. He made all his way from his floor to mine just to throw water on me. How strange this method of introduction is. Well... now it was my turn to do the same. So, I came out with my weapons- My bucket n mug and gave my warcry: H4....H4........ and started throwing water on everyone I encountered. We enjoyed to the fullest and now, I am posting this to let everyone know that we, the IITians don't just slog or study. We also enjoy our lives.

  • I EAT
  • I BLOG
  • I SING

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Matki phod

Matki Phod- our unique way of celebrating INDEPENDENCE DAY JANMASTAMI at HIV(read hostel 4, IIT Bombay). The funda is simple… a matki(pot) is tied high enough to make sure that you don't reach it and on the other hand a group of people try to break the same. I must say it is not that easy as it is to write about. It requires a strategy, teamwork and of course a hell lot of enthu! (read enthusiasm). The group which tries to break the matki, forms a structure growing layer by layer till they reach the matki. And to disturb them, junta(read people) throw water and cheer them up with ma behen gaalis (also known as C language). The structure is like graphite. Why? Coz… its slippery and it is in the same form i.e. six junta in each layer. Mostly, all the junta are semi-nude and wearing a shirt will mean sacrificing it.

There were three matkis, and one had to be phoded (broken) by the freshies (frehser rather). The higher we climbed, the farther the matki was pulled from us, thus trying to make our attempts all go in vain. But how could that ever happen? We (frehies) are IITians too. So, within no time we devised our strategy… formed a layer… sent a tall guy on the top (a senior though)… supported him…gave him a hockey stick…and VOILA! we accomplished our task as he phoded the matki (well … after that everyone came down crashing but fortunately no one was injured). We celebrated our victory. Even rain supported us and showered a little more.

E.O.F (End Of File)

The event was over. Now it was the time for the seniors to express their love to their batchmate… a birthday boy. I couldn't have the view properly but I can say one thing- he won't be able to sit on anything till 2 weeks! Coming soon… I love sleep (with photos)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Life @ IIT Bombay: Part-1

It almost 2 weeks since I joined this place but still I'm in the process of exploring things out here. Out of all the things, I liked LDAP account the most, with which I can use any computer inside the campus to check my emails and web browsing. Thanks to LDAP, thanks to technology… and a bigger thanks to blogger. Now I can still update my blog even if the proxy doesn't work. I can use the LDAP or departmental email and post entries to blogger. Ok. I guess we had enough of the tech stuff. Now lets move on… to the more important things.

They are considered to be rare species as boys outnumber them. Life for them is very easy as they get selected into anything just because of the fact that, they are Girls
some say it rains cats and dogs. But I don't really agree with them. I would use "It rains buffaloes and bullocks" instead. The rains here are very deceptive. It suddenly starts raining right when you forget your rain coat or umbrella.
It is officially banned here. The seniors, sometimes, give us GYAAN in return to the intro we give.
Humm… more to post but running out of time (and energy too). Time for my snacks...
Coming soon… Life @ IIT Bombay: Part -2