Friday, August 11, 2006

Life @ IIT Bombay: Part-1

It almost 2 weeks since I joined this place but still I'm in the process of exploring things out here. Out of all the things, I liked LDAP account the most, with which I can use any computer inside the campus to check my emails and web browsing. Thanks to LDAP, thanks to technology… and a bigger thanks to blogger. Now I can still update my blog even if the proxy doesn't work. I can use the LDAP or departmental email and post entries to blogger. Ok. I guess we had enough of the tech stuff. Now lets move on… to the more important things.

They are considered to be rare species as boys outnumber them. Life for them is very easy as they get selected into anything just because of the fact that, they are Girls
some say it rains cats and dogs. But I don't really agree with them. I would use "It rains buffaloes and bullocks" instead. The rains here are very deceptive. It suddenly starts raining right when you forget your rain coat or umbrella.
It is officially banned here. The seniors, sometimes, give us GYAAN in return to the intro we give.
Humm… more to post but running out of time (and energy too). Time for my snacks...
Coming soon… Life @ IIT Bombay: Part -2