Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Matki phod

Matki Phod- our unique way of celebrating INDEPENDENCE DAY JANMASTAMI at HIV(read hostel 4, IIT Bombay). The funda is simple… a matki(pot) is tied high enough to make sure that you don't reach it and on the other hand a group of people try to break the same. I must say it is not that easy as it is to write about. It requires a strategy, teamwork and of course a hell lot of enthu! (read enthusiasm). The group which tries to break the matki, forms a structure growing layer by layer till they reach the matki. And to disturb them, junta(read people) throw water and cheer them up with ma behen gaalis (also known as C language). The structure is like graphite. Why? Coz… its slippery and it is in the same form i.e. six junta in each layer. Mostly, all the junta are semi-nude and wearing a shirt will mean sacrificing it.

There were three matkis, and one had to be phoded (broken) by the freshies (frehser rather). The higher we climbed, the farther the matki was pulled from us, thus trying to make our attempts all go in vain. But how could that ever happen? We (frehies) are IITians too. So, within no time we devised our strategy… formed a layer… sent a tall guy on the top (a senior though)… supported him…gave him a hockey stick…and VOILA! we accomplished our task as he phoded the matki (well … after that everyone came down crashing but fortunately no one was injured). We celebrated our victory. Even rain supported us and showered a little more.

E.O.F (End Of File)

The event was over. Now it was the time for the seniors to express their love to their batchmate… a birthday boy. I couldn't have the view properly but I can say one thing- he won't be able to sit on anything till 2 weeks! Coming soon… I love sleep (with photos)