Friday, June 30, 2006

IIT Bombay - My home for the next 4 years

IIT Bombay main building

Finally, I got B-Tech, Electrical Enginering in IIT Bombay.


I should have posted this earlier but my laziness ( my virtue!) stopped me from doing so. I have a good excuse too… I have no internet connection in my home.

19th June. 2006 A.D
IIT Madras. Chennai.

After a long (14 hours) journey, I could finally find myself in one of the India's prestigious institutes - IIT MADRAS. It wasn't a piligrimage or a tour either. It was my counselling… scheduled to happen the next day.

This place, at first, ressembled a wildlife sanctuary as evident from the presence of deers and monkeys moving around. I heard about Panthers in IIT Bombay. I'm lucky I didn't find any here.

After going deeper into it… the campus I mean, you'll find 7 storied buildings which, I later came to know, were student's hostels. Humm… looks like hitech residence for the techies. Two days stay at IIT made me love the place but hate the weather. You know? I sweat like hell! This kind of weather is something that one would love to hate and others hate to love! I do both simultaneously. No sooner did I complete my counselling, I started back home as I could no longer bear that weather. Well… now I'm in my Hyderabad…my fingers crossed… waiting for the counselling result to be out within next few minutes.

Musical might!

The day night before yersterday night was a musical night for me as I was awake till 2 AM, composing music for the songs my Dad's friend had sung. I still wonder why in the world, I didn't feel sleepy that night because this is not the case when I sit to study. (As a matter of fact, I rarely attempt such adventures… studying… I mean.) It is musical might, that kept me awake. I call it might because, nothing else can keep me awake.

Show Desktop: How to restore it?

Ever tried deleting the "show desktop" icon of the quick launch menu in taskbar? Well… I tried and to my horror couldn't get it back. So it was time for the silly white hat hacker inside me to wake up and carry on the ASSignment. Here is the step by step procedure on how I restored the show desktop icon to the quicklaunch bar.

  1. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch and check if you find show desktop icon in that folder. If not found try C:\Documents and Settings\Guest\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch
  2. Now copy this file (Show Desktop) to the Quick launch folder in your user account. Example: c:\Documents and Settings\your username\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch
  3. Press F5 to refresh. Thats all… now you may rest in peace. You have just restored the show desktop.

The great ESCape!

No. This post is not about any adventure or anything like that, as seems from the title of this post. I'm talking about the great ESC key of the keyboard. Well... whats so great about it?

…Press ESC to go to the previous menu…

Alas! I'm stuck. Why? Recently the ESC key of my keyboard became stubborn to function. Though I use it gently and look after every peripheral of my PC with LOVE n CARE, it has forsaken me, leaving me helpless while playing games and using BIOS. Without it, life almost seems impossible. Now, I cannot tweak my BIOS nor play games. Try plucking the ESC thing out and watch how it changes the way you control things in your windows BOX. I wish I had been bitten by TUX, like vinay (a friend of mine… now considered as LINUX GOD at IIT Bombay) , so that I could map the key to some other working one. He asked me to delete this line. I still use windows just to pray and wait for a miracle to happen… or replace my keyboard.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Radio mirchi - hOt or cOLD

Ever since I saw the big big ads showing images of red hot mirchi on the hoardings, I couldn't stop wondering why and who in this big big world would ever tune into the radio. With i-pods and portable Mp3 players zooming in, I thought radio would be something which no-one would ever remember. Well… what abt the AD? why so much big hoarding??

Radio Mirchi...Idi chaala HOT Guru

Thanks to my curiosity … I took my kchibo kk88 (radio) and tuned in to 95 FM. I couldn't believe my ears when it played my favourite song… with a high-clarity that reminded me of my fren's Sony CDman. Now I realise the power of radio. Radio mirchi not only broadcasts the songs but also live traffic and weather reports, that goes 24x7x365. Wait… I'm tuning in (95 FM) again. Will blog later.