Friday, June 30, 2006

The great ESCape!

No. This post is not about any adventure or anything like that, as seems from the title of this post. I'm talking about the great ESC key of the keyboard. Well... whats so great about it?

…Press ESC to go to the previous menu…

Alas! I'm stuck. Why? Recently the ESC key of my keyboard became stubborn to function. Though I use it gently and look after every peripheral of my PC with LOVE n CARE, it has forsaken me, leaving me helpless while playing games and using BIOS. Without it, life almost seems impossible. Now, I cannot tweak my BIOS nor play games. Try plucking the ESC thing out and watch how it changes the way you control things in your windows BOX. I wish I had been bitten by TUX, like vinay (a friend of mine… now considered as LINUX GOD at IIT Bombay) , so that I could map the key to some other working one. He asked me to delete this line. I still use windows just to pray and wait for a miracle to happen… or replace my keyboard.