Friday, June 30, 2006


I should have posted this earlier but my laziness ( my virtue!) stopped me from doing so. I have a good excuse too… I have no internet connection in my home.

19th June. 2006 A.D
IIT Madras. Chennai.

After a long (14 hours) journey, I could finally find myself in one of the India's prestigious institutes - IIT MADRAS. It wasn't a piligrimage or a tour either. It was my counselling… scheduled to happen the next day.

This place, at first, ressembled a wildlife sanctuary as evident from the presence of deers and monkeys moving around. I heard about Panthers in IIT Bombay. I'm lucky I didn't find any here.

After going deeper into it… the campus I mean, you'll find 7 storied buildings which, I later came to know, were student's hostels. Humm… looks like hitech residence for the techies. Two days stay at IIT made me love the place but hate the weather. You know? I sweat like hell! This kind of weather is something that one would love to hate and others hate to love! I do both simultaneously. No sooner did I complete my counselling, I started back home as I could no longer bear that weather. Well… now I'm in my Hyderabad…my fingers crossed… waiting for the counselling result to be out within next few minutes.