Thursday, June 8, 2006

Radio mirchi - hOt or cOLD

Ever since I saw the big big ads showing images of red hot mirchi on the hoardings, I couldn't stop wondering why and who in this big big world would ever tune into the radio. With i-pods and portable Mp3 players zooming in, I thought radio would be something which no-one would ever remember. Well… what abt the AD? why so much big hoarding??

Radio Mirchi...Idi chaala HOT Guru

Thanks to my curiosity … I took my kchibo kk88 (radio) and tuned in to 95 FM. I couldn't believe my ears when it played my favourite song… with a high-clarity that reminded me of my fren's Sony CDman. Now I realise the power of radio. Radio mirchi not only broadcasts the songs but also live traffic and weather reports, that goes 24x7x365. Wait… I'm tuning in (95 FM) again. Will blog later.