Friday, August 25, 2006

Technovanza (...continued)

People started wondering about the machine I was holding and I had to convince them that it was an AERORAIL. Two wheels, two motors, two castor wheels, two groove wheels and some bolts, nuts, wires, switch, soap box... piece of ply wood and a pipe. All these things made our machine a bit more bulkier and the poor thing couldn't get more than 12 volts supply from the eliminator we borrowed from Nithin nitin and Aniket (As a matter of fact they won the third prize in the contest) to move faster. The contest started. Our turn came. I mounted the machine...switched it on. Voila! it covered the track in 3.3 seconds. We were in the second position till that point of time. the second round we screwed it up. How? C'mon guess it and answer using the post comment link.