Thursday, August 31, 2006

How to remove Blogger Beta Navbar

I never happened to like the Blogger Navbar at the top of my Blog and I bet all the Bloggers have the same opinion.

Ok... lets waste no more time and get into our work. Lets learn HOW TO REMOVE BLOGGER BETA NAVBAR

  • First, login into your blogger (beta) account and click Template.
  • Now, click on Edit HTML. Wait... look at the code and go to line which says

    /* global
    ----------------------------------------------- */

    Infact, you can add the code anywhere in the stylesheet but I recommend you to do as I said so that you don't screw up the layout.
  • Now add this style anywhere in the stylesheet
    /* Apnerve trick
    more info @:
    ----------------------------------------------- */
    display:none !important

  • Save the changes and have a look at your new Blog. You'll find that the Navbar has disappeared

Update:Now there is no need to edit the HTML template as a widget is available to hide the navbar. Check out my latest post "hide navbar widget" for that