Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 8 - 14 : Various things

It was a hectic week and I couldn't keep up with my advent calendar. So, I'm summarizing what I learnt in the past few days in a single post.

Day 8

Spent the day planning about the Frontend Engineering Workshop. Played around with `:target` pseudo class selector and learnt new CSS3 techniques from Galeel and Prabhu

Day 9

Listened to music, watched Goon and Raid Redemption(Indonesian movie). Learnt nothing new.

Day 10

Today was not very productive. I learnt a new angle shot in fooseball and then went out with the team for laser tagging.

Day 11

Didn't learn anything significant today. We were playing secret santa at office I had to pick a chit and it turns out that my secret child is a really good singer. Haven't decided what to buy as gift. (If you got any brilliant idea, tweet me : @apnerve)

Day 12

The day was spent in discussing about the Workshop. Played around with `:before` and `':after` pseudo element selectors

Day 13

Today I took a workshop on Frontend Engineering at ThoughtWorks along with 2 of my colleagues(senior consultants). I got to learn 2 main things during the workshop :

  • Make sure that audience is close to you and the screen during the talks.
  • When showing code samples, go for live coding instead of presentation. Something like Dabblet or JSFiddle comes really handy

Day 14

Today, I kind of found a treasure. Last year I was working on a share widget and ran into problems with communication between pages(`iframe`) with different origins. I learnt about `window.postMessage` method today while going through a presentation by Ben Vinegar of Disqus. The presentation can be found here.