Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 18-24 : Christmas!

This would be the last post in my advent calendar. Since I couldn't post it on a daily basis, I'm summarizing the last week in a single post.

Day 18

Gave my secret child a gift (a topi that I bought from the official merchandise of Swarathma) and then spent the afternoon reading about seamless iframes.

Day 19

Played around with HTML5 audio API. Found out an awesome demo at Tympanus and used this demo file to create a teaser for my secret child.

Day 20

Sent a teaser to my secret child and then gifted her a Christmas Chronicles CD. A friend told me that she freaked out when she heard her own song in the teaser I sent (I never expected this).

Then I spent the rest of the day playing with pseudo element selectors to create arrows and learnt a better way to implement modal overlays while discussing with Galeel. The trick was to use "position: fixed"

Day 21

Had a team lunch at Taste of Rampur. (We had booked a table at Ice n Spice earlier but that waiter noted the time wrong). I love this place. The ambience is good, the food is tasty and is not too pricy. Then there was Christmas celebrations at office.

I left for Hyderabad later in the night.

Day 22

Went for Christmas carols singing with Sharon Church in Hyderabad. Enjoyed carol singing after a long time.

Day 23

Did nothing useful today. Was forced to watch Pogo channel because of my niece. Watched few episodes of Chota Bheem and Takeshi's Castle. BTW, the colors and typefaces used by Pogo TV are really good.

Day 24

Spent my time celebrating the Christmas eve as my uncle's church at Tarnaka. The kids performed dances and skits. I had gifted Christmas Chronicles CD to my cousin who came up with an awesome choreo with few other young people.