Wednesday, June 24, 2009

uhuroo - content collaboration made easy

Recently, I've started playing with this certain web app called uhuroo. My very first response was -"Lol! here comes yet another online file storage service". But after using it for about 2 weeks and experimenting with various useful features it had, I must admit that I fell in love with this wonderful app. Why? read on&ellipsis;

what exactly is this uhuroo thing anyway

Uhuroo is a web based tool for information sharing, which allows creating online folders where you can share documents with internal team members (i.e. specially in distributed locations), customers, and other external collaborators. You can also maintain document revisions in a centralized repository and also record everyone's feedback on the content

a closer look at uhuroo

Well organised information is always easy to retrieve. Uhuroo makes it possible to organise data efficiently by means of tagging, ranking and discussion which helps users Collaborate Effectively. I feel there are 3 important things to look for in any information processing system:

Information Storage

Storing information should be easy and the stored information should be secure.Uhuroo offers an easy way to upload files(information) through email push. Once you choose an email account for a folder, files can directly uploaded using email attachments. The subject becomes the title of the document and the body becomes the description and the attached file is uploaded which is stored securely in uhuroo's servers which have zero downtime. Uhuroo also provides a web interface, browser plugins and desktop addons to do the same. view the complete feature list.

Information Organisation

As I said before, well organised information is easy to retrieve. If you are logged into the web based uhuroo system, you have a number of social networking / bookmarking features: documents can be rated,tagged,ranked and commented on.

Information Retrieval

When you login into the web based uhuroo system, you are greeted with a dashboard which is a birds eye view of what is happening across all your teams. It also shows the ranking statistics based on some of the above information: most frequently read, downloaded, subscribed document, most discussed document, most popular post or author, most popular tags. The full text search helps us find data faster as it even searches within the files! One more feature that I liked in uhuroo is the filter option using which we can filter data based on Author, tags, date posted on and rank. Uhuroo also keeps you updated with the latest version of the document (in case someone uploads a new version) by sending you an email.

in a nutshell

  • Uhuroo makes it really simple to share data with your group at the workplace. (Data meaning doc, ppt, xls, emails, pdf, images, video files)
  • All this data is then accessible at one central location.
  • Features like search within your content (even within the documents), tagging, ranking to make it easy to search through heaps of data.

Hence, it is really made for teams overwhelmed with content getting lost or going out of sync in email, folders or corporate LANS, and are looking for better ways to share and manage content internally and with, partners, customers or other collaborators
For more information check out uhuroo website