Monday, February 16, 2009

funny comment trick

Yesterday, I sat all night before the comp, customising my blogger template. Starting with a 565 template by douglas bowmann, I ended up creating a new template altogether - a 3 column template with good SEO (Thanks to amanda of bloggerbuster and Antonio Lupetti of woork). But...(there is always a but) I wasn't happy at the result. Why? Because my blog seems to be still one among the most ignored and unread ones. So to make myself happy, I devised a small, funny trick. To be precise, it is too simple to be known as a trick. I added the following code


...And wow! I made the "0" comments to "4760" comments. Lol! but (again) the fact remains that my blog is still the same old unread and ignored one :(. So I removed the code now. Well... you can try this one out if your blog also gets very less visits :)

Please consider commenting if you like this trick. :)