Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Life @ IITB - II

Its almost over 2 months that I'm staying here. As days went by, I witnessed many things. Things that were wierd. Things that were funny. Things that were too good to forget. (sorry...I'm not a creative writer. I just type in whatever come to my mind).

The campus:

The campus is wisely organised with the departments on one side and resdential area on the other. All the departments are connected through infinite and semi-infinite corridors. And you know what? I walked many a time from end to end through this INFINITY corridor.

Many things changed after coming here. Like ... the language, time spent on the comp, night outs(watching movies or F.R.I.E.N.D.S or playing T.T or simply Lukkha), playing guitar or just chatting. Here, the term GODgiri was born long before GANDHIgiri ( lage raho munna bhai).

Sh** the only problem is that time runs very very fast here. Look..I'm trying to complete this post but...the time has run out. I mean I'm running short of time. Gotta go back to hostel. I'll complete this post sometime later. I promise...

... To be continued