Monday, May 29, 2006

Airtel - Depress yourself!

Airtel- Express yourself. This is the tagline you see everytime you come across an Airtel ad. But unfortunately I couldn't express myself

...Send INTERNET ON to 121 and after you get the confirmation sms, switch off your mobile and switch it on again. Now, your mobile is ready to connect to the internet...

This was what the customer care executive told me when I enquired as to how to get internet connectivity on my mobile. Very eagerly, I followed her advice as a dumb lamb just to get a DATA CONNECTION FAILED! message. To add woes to it, Rs.15 got deducted from my account though I couldn't use it. When I called again, I was told that I was speaking to shravani and she would asist me. But instead she confused me by telling some other details. Confused though, I thanked her and went back to my work. After 6 - 8 vain attempts, I decided to call the customer care oncemore. Well... this time I was speaking to rachana or richa sushma or whatever( I don't know why these ppl remind me that I'm speaking to them). Again the same story...again DATA CONNECTION FAILED! Atlast, I called up again. This time it was Raju to whom I was speaking to ( infact he too reminded me that I was speaking to him as if never knew this) He apologised and assured me that it would be set right. Then I thanked him and waited...waited...waited. You know what happened next?