Monday, January 16, 2006

How to hack yahoo password?

The exact method may not work for the latest yahoo page, but the process is more or less the same

Here is how one can try hacking phishing other's password.(Remember: Hacking email accounts is crime. I'm in no way responsible if you get caught doing it)

  • Copy the yahoo login page and save it with name yahoo.html or any other name of your choice in the desktop or any other folder.
  • Now, open it in notepad. Delete all the script and noscript tags which look like these <script> and <noscript>. You can use notepad's find command for this.
  • Now look for the form tag <form method=post action="http://www.someaddress">. Modify it by changing the action address to a from processor under your control like the service provided by allforms
  • Now upload this page to a server under your control like freewebs and send a mail to your friend(victim) providing this link as a greeting or anything
  • Now, you may rest in have almost finished your work. The victim will click on the link and find a login screen and will try to login. The moment he submits it, the id and password will come to you as an email.

This trick works with mostly new users as they don't take enough precautions while surfing. Here are some steps to avoid anyone playing such a trick on you.

  1. Always look at the address bar to ensure if you are in the yahoo networks
  2. Enter a wrong password for the first time and if there is any error message, then type the correct one

The fake login page cannot give the error message as your password is not known to the author of that page. So always type wrong password first time. As a matter of fact here is my fake login page login here . Well I'm in, in noway, responsible if your password gets hacked by using this page. Just look at the code and learn from it. Remember: Hacking cracking is crime..but ethical hacking is not a crime as long as you do it for gaining knowledge.

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